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Worldwide wonders

This spring we’re going global with tribal trends, colourful prints, homespun crafts and unique buys from around the world.

… It’s all about bringing a little piece of the big wide world into your own home.

We’ve been discovering bold colours and prints and are using them to full effect – these vibrant African fabrics are perfect for mixing and matching for extra punch.

The Navajo trend was hot on the catwalk for spring/summer, so we’re working that into our homes too – with quirky embroidery, hand-crafted beading and zigzag prints.

Why not bring a taste of your travels into your home with exotic finds, fabrics and interesting photos? This Indian temple is full of inspiration.

… And what’s not to love about these Moorish tiles? Blue and white is so fresh and inviting for spring.

Colourful lanterns and lamps are wonderful for adding atmosphere, don’t you think?

And how much more appealing does a minty Moroccan cuppa look in a decorative tea pot?

Come and discover our worldwide wonders… We even have some beautiful hand-woven baskets in store now that were crafted by women in rural areas of Western Uganda, supported by HomeSense, making them a perfect addition to our gathering of global goodies.



At HomeSense this month we are getting all arty. We have joined up with Ikon Gallery who are running an amazing competition with Gillian Wearing (the Turner prize winning artist). They are looking for one family to be cast in bronze by the artist and immortalised in Birmingham city centre. Find out more here

It has got us thinking about art in the home. The key is not to be shy about putting  up your pictures that you like. Express yourself with some art and don’t be afraid to put together pictures that don’t match. The more the merrier. Take up a whole staircase or wall with various paintings, drawings and prints in different sizes. It is very in vogue for home and we love it.

Don’t just put one painting on your wall. Trending now in homeware is montage. Hang all your favourite pictures on one wall.

If you can’t find the piece of art you’re looking for…make your own.


Homeware really can be art!

Homeware really can be art!


We love these old 78’s made into wall art. How inspiring.

Edward Hopper. One of my personal favourites. But art is so subjective, your home is the best place to express what you like by the paintings you choose.

Edward Hopper. One of my personal favourites. But art is so subjective, your home is the best place to express what you like by the paintings you choose.




This painting, another one of my personal favourites “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth is one of the most famous american paintings from the 20th century.  Here photographer Bruno Dayan pays homage to the famous masterpiece. Love!

Egon Schiele. So these are just some of my favourites. But look out for what you like and stick them on your pinboard or make a wall of art in one room in your house.

Egon Schiele. So these are just some of my favourites. But look out for what you like and stick them on your pinboard or make a wall of art in one room in your house.


Cool Collage! 

Cool Collage!

Hang up a Calder style mobile in your kitchen to add a bit of modern art to your house.

Motherwell's studio

Robert and wife RenateTheir home

Motherwell's studio

Ooooh Robert Motherwell’s studio. Get inspired to make your own creations too. There’s no such word as can’t!




We’ve got sleighfuls of gorgeous Christmas decs from cool minimal designs to Nordic wooden ornaments.  It’s like rummaging through the best stocking in Britain.  Have an eclectic Christmas from HomeSense.




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…for less this Christmas. We’ve got a larder full of lovely gourmet food for you, your family and friends. Feast your eyes on these delicious festive recipes.






Bedtime story

At the end of a cold and blustery day, there’s nothing more comforting than relaxing back into a freshly made bed, piled high with cushions, strokably soft bedding and warm autumnal colours… (Making things even more difficult when we have to wake from our slumber in the morning!)


But what if you can’t get to sleep? Try some of these tips. When I went to stay in Provence, the house was next to a huge field of lavender and I had a small bunch of it under my pillow..I slept like a log. I have also heard that if you practice deep breathing before bed with the lights off and relax everything one by one from your head to your toes you will be surprised how quickly you drop off.  A freshly made bed with smooth clean sheets  is a good anitdote to insomnia too. Live the dream.



LOVE YOUR BED. You should make your bed your sanctuary, a place to retreat to. Treat your bed and your bedroom like someone you love. Cover it in smooth, cotton sheets and plump up its pillows. Dive in and have a lovely slumber. Imagine hanging here in the woods in a midsummer night’s dream.


This week I went to see Jane Eyre at the cinema. What an escape. It reminded me of the joy of curling up with a good book. The first time I read it, years ago, I was transfixed. Snuggle up with Bronte’s best and listen to the rain beat at the windows. In the story, Jane Eyre flees Thornfield House, where she works as a governess for wealthy Edward Rochester. As she reflects upon the people and emotions that have defined her, it is clear that the isolated and imposing residence – and Mr. Rochester’s coldness – have sorely tested theyoung woman’s resilience, forged years earlier when she was orphaned. She must now act decisively to secure her own future and come to terms with the past that haunts her – and the terrible secret that Mr. Rochester is hiding and that she has uncovered. Book lovers never go to bed alone.

Once you’ve read all your books, make a bed out of them! Love this.

While we’re on the subject of good reads. I have to recommend a new book for you that I have just finished. It is called ‘A visit from the goon squad’ by Jennifer Egan. It just won the Pulitzer prize. I digested it in bite size chapters like short stories that weave together. I won’t say anymore about it. Just have a read.



















Autumn’s arrivals have got the HomeSense office all a-flutter. Not just because we want it ALL. Because this season’s beautiful catwalk trends have hit homeware, too. We’re talking jewel tones, sumptuous fabrics, touchy feely textures. Bring on the big chill!



Rubber floors and folksy wall hangings? So many different, daring textures and influences going on in just one room. But it works a treat.



Our buyer has bought in loads of bold and beautiful lighting to see you through the dark nights. Check out these eye-catching bases in textured glass and painted ceramic.



This ruby-red creation must surely be inspired by an opulent, medieval banquet. The pool ball and shells add a splash of quirkiness.



How gorgeous is this emerald-green bedroom? Because every boudoir needs satin-soft sheets, our buyer has bought heaps of amazing Egyptian cotton bed linen for winter. A great excuse to hit the snooze button one more time.








Love this wallpaper from Grahambrown. We’ve got it here in our studio at HomeSense. You can draw your own pictures on the wall. Kids will have great fun, especially because they’ve spent most of their life being told to get their grubby fingers off the wall!



Sweet dreams. Oooooh I would have loved this room when I was little.
Erm..and maybe now?



Make your kids rooms ultra cool. You can be chic and cheap at HomeSense. There’s loads of quality, branded bedding that will give their room an instant upgrade.



Toddlers! By the time you’ve tidied away all the toys they will have got them all out again. Innovative storage is a must. Get lots for less at HomeSense.



PLAYTIME! This looks so fun that even I want to crawl into that tepee and make a den.



Get retro sweets and stickers at HomeSense to add some excitement to the nooks in their rooms. (or even in your own bedroom!)



Cosy little pods for kids to sleep in. They might grow out of them quite quickly though!



This reminds me of the little room I had when I was little. My parents let me decorate it how I liked. You can find allsorts of fun bits and bobs to brighten up your kids rooms at HomeSense.



Send your little spaceman to bed in this. So sweet.



How fun would this be in a kid’s room? (Even though, it might cause nightmares)



Make their den super cool. Love the big letters and wall painting. Quirky touches to make their room their own. It is really important that kids have their own space.



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“The Great Escape”


Where should we go this Summer. There’s towels, suncream, designer washbags and shaving stuff. Beautiful blankets and bits for your journey, it’s time to escape.



We’ve got fab, quality sturdy luggage at HomeSense and why spend a fortune when you’re only going away for a week. Have you got the travel bug? Wherever you’re off to make sure you pack your bags at HomeSense for much much less than the high street.



In this book Paul Theroux celebrates fifty years of wandering the globe by collecting the best writing on travel from the books that shaped him, as a reader and a traveller, with words of wisdom from authors, celebrities and famous tumbleweeds added to the mix.

Some of the novelists who inspire me to get my rucksack and jump on the nearest train and go on an adventure are:

Vladimir Nabokov           J.R.R. Tolkien
Samuel Johnson               Eudora Welty
Evelyn Waugh                  Isak Dinesen
Charles Dickens               James Baldwin
Henry David Thoreau       Pico Iyer
Mark Twain                     Anton Chekhov
Bruce Chatwin                  John McPhee
Freya Stark                      Peter Matthiessen
Graham Greene                Ernest Hemingway





Have a wonderful summer of love!

And happy wedding bells to my friend Laura xx




Wedding treats with a difference




Ooooh I know it is nothing to do with homeware but I love it!




Wedding gifts with ding dong.  Check out our website at




There are hundreds of wedding presents with a difference at HomeSense.

We don’t want you to give the gift everyone else is giving.




I’m a fan of simplicity for an invite.




So with all these weddings this summer, what is the etiquette on buying a pressie?

There’s something not quite right about giving cash, however they don’t want to end up with five magimixes.

So what should you give to thrill the bride and groom?




I recently got engaged and lots of my friends are getting married this year.

There must be something in the air!


Game, set and matching picnic plates



Even if it gets rained off we’ve got our outdoor stuff ready with picnic and big plans. Here we are at Wimbledon..not watching the tennis! You can get amazing outdoor rugs, picnic blankets, chutneys and picnic savouries at HomeSense.




Tally ho we’re ready for the match.




Get ready for a day at the tennis. I love sitting in my sun hat taking in the sites. Get lovely picnic hampers at HomeSense that you can use every year.




Wall decoration that is in Season




Make cupcakes for wonderful wimbledoness




What is Wimbledon without strawberries and cream. Find perfect picnicware at HomeSense for less.



“Love-thirty, love-forty, oh! weakness of joy,

The speed of a swallow, the grace of a boy,

With carefullest carelessness, gaily you won,

I am weak from your loveliness, Joan Hunter



John Betjeman








Tennis with a difference




Woody does tennis. I love Annie Hall



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