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New behind the scenes snaps

The HomeSense team have been busy shooting some gorgeous new outdoor living piccies for spring and summer. Here’s a little sneaky peek behind the (not so) glamorous scenes…

But it wasn’t all messing about on the river (or trout lake, rather). Before we could start, there was a teensy bit of prep…

Our lucky producer, Anja, got to scrape duck poop off the jetty (nice!) Ooo, the lengths we go to, to create that perfect pic.

Our feathered friends waited in the wings for their modelling debut.

… And we set up our still life ‘studio’.

Does it even get more glamorous than this?

Luckily our talented stylist Abigail and her lovely assistant were on hand to make things look beautiful.

Pillow fight anyone?

And our photographer, Mel, couldn’t wait to capture that perfect shot.


But first, time for tea… All aboard everyone!

OK, the tea was for the photo – and it was cold – it didn’t half look pretty though.

Finally, we were almost ready for our final pic of the day – furniture, on a jetty, by a lake, surrounded by nature of course! Really, what could be springier and more HomeSensey?

And… It’s a wrap! Until next time. Summer here we come.

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Behind the Scenes

We thought you might like a sneak peek at some behind the scenes pics from our Spring photoshoot. Let us know what you think! Here’s the beautiful beachside summerhouse on Camber Sands we used as our location…

And a smiley happy Head of Creative Team Cat Funk relaxing with her bump…

The team at work, critiquing the first shot…

Two of our Creative gurus geared up for a looooong day!

The summer house oozed nautical style and had a lovely calming effect. The decor was gorgeous so here are some random pics from inside…

Photoshoot in Camber

Hope you’re loving our new summer photography. We shot it all on Camber Sands in Sussex – such a beautiful place! Here are 5 things you may not have known about Camber…


1) It is a place of scientific and geographical interest due to its large sand dune system. It is the only existing system in the whole of East Sussex.

2) Camber has become a popular destination for kitesurfing, kiteboarding and kitebuggying.

3) The beach has been featured in numerous films including Dunkirk (1958), The Longest Day (1962) and Carry On Follow that Camel (1967.)

4) Camber Sands has featured in pop songs too including Reverend and the Makers’ ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’ and it is the title of a Fatboy Slim EP

5) Over the years there have been a few ships sink off the Camber, including The City of Delhi, The S.S. Alton Towers, S.S.H.A. Brightman, Queen Victoria of Dublin and the Van Domien, to name a few.