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Now the family and friends have all gone home, the post Christmas home looks like a bomb has dropped. The debris of opened piles of presents and extra bedding are scattered around like Christmas collateral damage. So here’s some inspiration for getting tidy with wacky, wonderful and good looking storage.


Men’s vintage style drawers inspired by old suitcases. Nice quirky touch.


Shelving doesn’t have to be ugly. Look at this delightfully tasteful storage.


Ah! Perfect for all that stationery, miscellaneous bedding, paperwork and other stuff that you don’t want to look at. Ingenious!


Somebody else has an ingenious mind too!


Get tidy. Could be a bit obsessive.


Fruit boxed shoes.


Make the most of ALL your space.


Oh to have a pantry. The most satisfying room to organise.


Glue cool things on the top of jars to make storage more fun. Easy.




Cool garden



We also spent our evenings playing cards, listening to the crickets and eating bread and camembert.



I’m certainly feeling the long hot summer nights. I’ve just been to The South of France in a little town on L’Ardeche river. I spent most of it in a hammock! There’s super cool luxury hammocks and summer seats at HomeSense this week.



Summer Loving

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Game, set and matching picnic plates



Even if it gets rained off we’ve got our outdoor stuff ready with picnic and big plans. Here we are at Wimbledon..not watching the tennis! You can get amazing outdoor rugs, picnic blankets, chutneys and picnic savouries at HomeSense.




Tally ho we’re ready for the match.




Get ready for a day at the tennis. I love sitting in my sun hat taking in the sites. Get lovely picnic hampers at HomeSense that you can use every year.




Wall decoration that is in Season




Make cupcakes for wonderful wimbledoness




What is Wimbledon without strawberries and cream. Find perfect picnicware at HomeSense for less.



“Love-thirty, love-forty, oh! weakness of joy,

The speed of a swallow, the grace of a boy,

With carefullest carelessness, gaily you won,

I am weak from your loveliness, Joan Hunter



John Betjeman








Tennis with a difference




Woody does tennis. I love Annie Hall



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Behind the Scenes

We thought you might like a sneak peek at some behind the scenes pics from our Spring photoshoot. Let us know what you think! Here’s the beautiful beachside summerhouse on Camber Sands we used as our location…

And a smiley happy Head of Creative Team Cat Funk relaxing with her bump…

The team at work, critiquing the first shot…

Two of our Creative gurus geared up for a looooong day!

The summer house oozed nautical style and had a lovely calming effect. The decor was gorgeous so here are some random pics from inside…