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Bedtime story

At the end of a cold and blustery day, there’s nothing more comforting than relaxing back into a freshly made bed, piled high with cushions, strokably soft bedding and warm autumnal colours… (Making things even more difficult when we have to wake from our slumber in the morning!)


But what if you can’t get to sleep? Try some of these tips. When I went to stay in Provence, the house was next to a huge field of lavender and I had a small bunch of it under my pillow..I slept like a log. I have also heard that if you practice deep breathing before bed with the lights off and relax everything one by one from your head to your toes you will be surprised how quickly you drop off.  A freshly made bed with smooth clean sheets  is a good anitdote to insomnia too. Live the dream.



LOVE YOUR BED. You should make your bed your sanctuary, a place to retreat to. Treat your bed and your bedroom like someone you love. Cover it in smooth, cotton sheets and plump up its pillows. Dive in and have a lovely slumber. Imagine hanging here in the woods in a midsummer night’s dream.


This week I went to see Jane Eyre at the cinema. What an escape. It reminded me of the joy of curling up with a good book. The first time I read it, years ago, I was transfixed. Snuggle up with Bronte’s best and listen to the rain beat at the windows. In the story, Jane Eyre flees Thornfield House, where she works as a governess for wealthy Edward Rochester. As she reflects upon the people and emotions that have defined her, it is clear that the isolated and imposing residence – and Mr. Rochester’s coldness – have sorely tested theyoung woman’s resilience, forged years earlier when she was orphaned. She must now act decisively to secure her own future and come to terms with the past that haunts her – and the terrible secret that Mr. Rochester is hiding and that she has uncovered. Book lovers never go to bed alone.

Once you’ve read all your books, make a bed out of them! Love this.

While we’re on the subject of good reads. I have to recommend a new book for you that I have just finished. It is called ‘A visit from the goon squad’ by Jennifer Egan. It just won the Pulitzer prize. I digested it in bite size chapters like short stories that weave together. I won’t say anymore about it. Just have a read.



















Love this wallpaper from Grahambrown. We’ve got it here in our studio at HomeSense. You can draw your own pictures on the wall. Kids will have great fun, especially because they’ve spent most of their life being told to get their grubby fingers off the wall!



Sweet dreams. Oooooh I would have loved this room when I was little.
Erm..and maybe now?



Make your kids rooms ultra cool. You can be chic and cheap at HomeSense. There’s loads of quality, branded bedding that will give their room an instant upgrade.



Toddlers! By the time you’ve tidied away all the toys they will have got them all out again. Innovative storage is a must. Get lots for less at HomeSense.



PLAYTIME! This looks so fun that even I want to crawl into that tepee and make a den.



Get retro sweets and stickers at HomeSense to add some excitement to the nooks in their rooms. (or even in your own bedroom!)



Cosy little pods for kids to sleep in. They might grow out of them quite quickly though!



This reminds me of the little room I had when I was little. My parents let me decorate it how I liked. You can find allsorts of fun bits and bobs to brighten up your kids rooms at HomeSense.



Send your little spaceman to bed in this. So sweet.



How fun would this be in a kid’s room? (Even though, it might cause nightmares)



Make their den super cool. Love the big letters and wall painting. Quirky touches to make their room their own. It is really important that kids have their own space.



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Sleep well

Now that the nights are lighter and warmer, not only is it time to change to a lighter weight duvet and bring some freshness into the bedroom space, it’s also a time to make sure your sleep patterns are not affected by the seasonal change. Follow our tips for getting a great night’s sleep:

1) Make sure your bed is inviting. Wash bed linen regularly – there’s nothing nicer than settling down in crisp sheets that smell fresh and lovely. Look for sheets made with a high thread count for a super luxurious feel. And consider investing in a new duvet set – there are lots of lovely pastels, florals and stripes around that have a happy, calming effect.

2) Keep a sleep schedule. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time’s everyday so your body clock gets into the habit.

3) Create a calm environment. Switch off any electronic appliances and close your windows if you can, to reduce noise levels. Make sure your curtains block out the morning light so you don’t wake up prematurely.

4) Turn your mattress. This can help improve your sleeping position as well as prolong the life of the mattress as it distributes weight more evenly across the springs.

5) Include pre-sleep preparation in your schedule. Take half an hour to relax, either with a wram (not too hot) bath, a soothing drink (try chamomile tea) or a good (but not too riveting) book.

6) Try to do some exercise every day to ensure your body feels the need to sleep and recover itself

7) Invest in some lightly scented candles, pillow spritzers and essential oil rollers to promote relaxation.