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Stylist on the spot!

We’ve had lots of great feedback about our beautiful Spring photography, so I decided to do a Q&A with the shoot stylist Abigail to share with you…

HomeSense: What attracted you to a career in interiors styling?

Abigail: I studied fine art and have always painted pictures, and made drawings and objects so creating compositions for photographs just seemed to be an extension of that.

HomeSense: How did you get into styling?

Abigail: I was working in an art gallery when I decided I wanted to be a stylist. I wrote to loads of interiors magazines and did work experience for many of them and then assisted various stylists until I was ready to style my own shoots.

HomeSense: What’s been your best styling job to date, and what’s been the worse?

Abigail: I don’t really have a best or worst job. I love going to beautiful locations and working with inspiring people who design amazing things. But ultimately the most satisfying job is when you get the best shots, and some of my favourite shots have been taken when working in really awful conditions. We often work quite ridiculous hours and I have very unpleasant memories of shooting on a painfully cold English beach in December in the dark with no shelter and sea soaked feet but the pictures from this shoot are some of my favourite images that I have styled.

HomeSense: Who do you admire most in the world and why?

Abigail: From a design point of view, Piet Hein Eek. Beautiful designs with integrity.

HomeSense: Describe your own home style

Abigail: My own style is quite simple. Lots of texture, raw materials – wood and stone. I see so many new products in my work that I am generally attracted to vintage furniture and handmade pieces that have a bit more character and are unique.

HomeSense: What’s your ultimate styling tip?

Abigail: Interiors products should last; they shouldn’t be changed every season. Buy good quality, environmentally friendly products that you will love for a long time.

HomeSense: Why do you like HomeSense?

Abigail: It has really unusual, fantastically odd things that you couldn’t find anywhere else, alongside classic essentials. Where else could you put a big stone lion in your trolley then add a Le Creuset casserole pot and a glass owl! 

HomeSense: Do you have a favourite HomeSense find?

Abigail: I have a very small wooden stool with Gustavian style legs that is upholstered in rough faux fur, it’s an unusual combo but it works.

Here are some lovely examples of Abigail’s work for HomeSense…

Behind the Scenes

We thought you might like a sneak peek at some behind the scenes pics from our Spring photoshoot. Let us know what you think! Here’s the beautiful beachside summerhouse on Camber Sands we used as our location…

And a smiley happy Head of Creative Team Cat Funk relaxing with her bump…

The team at work, critiquing the first shot…

Two of our Creative gurus geared up for a looooong day!

The summer house oozed nautical style and had a lovely calming effect. The decor was gorgeous so here are some random pics from inside…

Style tips: Nautical

Check out these tips from HomeSense Style Guru Marianne, on how to create a fabulous nautical look in your home this Spring…

“Nautical is a classic look that can be tweaked from year to year. It creates a great opportunity to play around with lots of different blues in the home, from midnight hues to powder blue shades. To achieve a look that is subtle but striking, try incorporating lots of beachy textures such as pebbles, driftwood and rope. Float petals in small bowls of water lined with seashells for a sweet feature. As for prints, look for deckchairs, cushions, parasols and throws in navy stripes, creams and pale grey, and consider hanging some pretty seascape canvases on the wall to really bring the theme to life. An emerging take on nautical for 2011 is a small glimpse of red, so if you have any red lampshades, throws or ornaments, mix those in too.”

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