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New behind the scenes snaps

The HomeSense team have been busy shooting some gorgeous new outdoor living piccies for spring and summer. Here’s a little sneaky peek behind the (not so) glamorous scenes…

But it wasn’t all messing about on the river (or trout lake, rather). Before we could start, there was a teensy bit of prep…

Our lucky producer, Anja, got to scrape duck poop off the jetty (nice!) Ooo, the lengths we go to, to create that perfect pic.

Our feathered friends waited in the wings for their modelling debut.

… And we set up our still life ‘studio’.

Does it even get more glamorous than this?

Luckily our talented stylist Abigail and her lovely assistant were on hand to make things look beautiful.

Pillow fight anyone?

And our photographer, Mel, couldn’t wait to capture that perfect shot.


But first, time for tea… All aboard everyone!

OK, the tea was for the photo – and it was cold – it didn’t half look pretty though.

Finally, we were almost ready for our final pic of the day – furniture, on a jetty, by a lake, surrounded by nature of course! Really, what could be springier and more HomeSensey?

And… It’s a wrap! Until next time. Summer here we come.

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Our resident stylist Abigail is now going to be contributing regularly to our blog. Abigail styles, art directs and consults for a diverse range of editorial and commercial clients as well as designing residential interior schemes and creative workspaces. This month she is showing us some festive flair.

Don’t worry about being stylish this Christmas! Decorate your tree with things you love, regardless of whether they go with each other. Christmas trees with the most character are covered with decorations that have been collected over the years rather than entirely re themed each year, which apart from looking rather soulless is also out of touch with the current ethos for a less disposable lifestyle.

Treasure decorations that have been in your family for generations as well as the slightly embarrassing ones that you made when you were 6. Then treat yourself to one or two really beautiful new ones each year so that you gradually build up a collection that represents you and your family’s tastes (no matter how awful) over time as well as your own tradition.

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Our resident stylist Abigail is now going to be contributing regularly to our blog. Abigail styles, art directs and consults for a diverse range of editorial and commercial clients as well as designing residential interior schemes and creative workspaces.


Abigail has recently designed her first hand drawn wallpaper collection. We are very excited to have her on board. Find out more about her at



Flesh tones

After many years of grey being a classic fall back of the sophisticated but trend led interior, flesh tones have started to creep in. You can still use a pale grey as your base colour if you wish but make sure it is a warm grey rather than blue toned. Add hints of oyster and pale flesh pink that whilst still neutral create a slightly more gentle and cocooning atmosphere.



Flesh from Schiele



Loft conversions we love!



Animal prints

This season has seen an abundance of animal skin patterns in the shops but this time round they are bright! This may sound alarming but cast images of Kat from East Enders from your head and think more of luxe textures and a sophisticated 70’s vibe with warm jewel colours.


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Stylist on the spot!

We’ve had lots of great feedback about our beautiful Spring photography, so I decided to do a Q&A with the shoot stylist Abigail to share with you…

HomeSense: What attracted you to a career in interiors styling?

Abigail: I studied fine art and have always painted pictures, and made drawings and objects so creating compositions for photographs just seemed to be an extension of that.

HomeSense: How did you get into styling?

Abigail: I was working in an art gallery when I decided I wanted to be a stylist. I wrote to loads of interiors magazines and did work experience for many of them and then assisted various stylists until I was ready to style my own shoots.

HomeSense: What’s been your best styling job to date, and what’s been the worse?

Abigail: I don’t really have a best or worst job. I love going to beautiful locations and working with inspiring people who design amazing things. But ultimately the most satisfying job is when you get the best shots, and some of my favourite shots have been taken when working in really awful conditions. We often work quite ridiculous hours and I have very unpleasant memories of shooting on a painfully cold English beach in December in the dark with no shelter and sea soaked feet but the pictures from this shoot are some of my favourite images that I have styled.

HomeSense: Who do you admire most in the world and why?

Abigail: From a design point of view, Piet Hein Eek. Beautiful designs with integrity.

HomeSense: Describe your own home style

Abigail: My own style is quite simple. Lots of texture, raw materials – wood and stone. I see so many new products in my work that I am generally attracted to vintage furniture and handmade pieces that have a bit more character and are unique.

HomeSense: What’s your ultimate styling tip?

Abigail: Interiors products should last; they shouldn’t be changed every season. Buy good quality, environmentally friendly products that you will love for a long time.

HomeSense: Why do you like HomeSense?

Abigail: It has really unusual, fantastically odd things that you couldn’t find anywhere else, alongside classic essentials. Where else could you put a big stone lion in your trolley then add a Le Creuset casserole pot and a glass owl! 

HomeSense: Do you have a favourite HomeSense find?

Abigail: I have a very small wooden stool with Gustavian style legs that is upholstered in rough faux fur, it’s an unusual combo but it works.

Here are some lovely examples of Abigail’s work for HomeSense…