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Now that Tour de France is fast approaching, we’re thinking about our INTÉRIEUUUURS. So okay, cycling might not be our forte, but French-inspired maisons? Mais bien sûr!

Take me to chic please!

vintage village lady


60s looking Lady


This week we’re Provence pretty…

Pretty local dinning setup


…which means fabulous kitchenware pour moi!

strong silver jug tea



And brilliant bains too.

hotel victorian bath



Say ‘cheese’, we’re in France.

french village cheese meal

vintage camera photos


Another French fon thing to due.

french fon bread meal



Well, those homewares were just fantastique. Quite frankly, we don’t see anything wrong in pretending our kitchen is a boulangerie…

croissant tea breakfast

wooden kitchen drower

vintage victorian kitchen



Don’t believe me? Read the sign, mon cher.

croissant boulangerie breakfast


Jambon and on and on…

French bread breakfast

French bacon sandwich


Definitely popping those goodies into our bicycle baskets…

Village bicycle with flower


Hello velo!

village bicycle with red rose flower



Our street don’t look like these…

romantic road dinner on road while raining

pretty congested alleyway


But c’est la vie! We’ve got a cyclopedia of home inspiration instead.

Vintage bicycle riding poster



Au revoir!

village bicycle father son moment






Well, we are very excited about the arrival of Wimbles next week. So this month we’re updating our trophy tableware and working on our service. Ace-interiors, here we come!


garden outdoor eating


We can’t get Kournik-over these lovely green dining rooms.

lovely green room

green kitchen design

green dining room design



A true Henman home has got to be purple.

purple themed sitting room

purple dining-restaurant room

purple kitchen design idea

purple house painting idea



Game, set, matching accessories!

purple glass bottle

purple garden dish accessories



15-love these serving suggestions!

purple dessert serving idea

dessert with nature

purple dessert with nature

cake dessert- purple table cloth



But let’s focus on what Wimbledon is really about…strawbs and cream.

strawberry dessert



Yes, we love to cause a racquet at the dinner table.

tennis dinner table



We’re feeling simply unbeetable…

lettuce turnip text frame



But honestly, we’d be just as happy with the wooden spoon. Tee-hee!

wooden spoon bowl


This Sunday is Father’s Day, and dad is still giftless. How can this Obi-Wan Kenobi? Go retro we must.

Princess Leia takes interiors very seriously.
Princess Leia - very serious



Take a Luke at these home gift ideas…

Eye test - May the force be with you

eyes for fathers day



Dad always wanted a lightsaber. That was a bit silly, so he got these cool retro lights instead. Vwumph!

lightsaber retro light stand

pressure is good sign

lucky wall light sign




Calling planet dad, I’ve gone retro futuristic for Father’s Day…

Calling planet dad



…because dad likes to rock-it.

Rocking chair
Dads rocket lunch



May the froth be with you

geek dad coffee



Jar Jar Binks deserts for dad.

Jar jar binks deserts

That’s it for now. The Jedi returns next week….



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We’re very excited about the Orchestra in a Field classical music festival. Unfortunately music is not our forte – up until recently we thought Puccini was a variety of pasta. This is why we’ve got Somerset music maestro Charles Hazlewood, the man behind Orchestra in a Field, to pluck out the best classical tunes for us. And we’ll provide some playlist-perfect camping décor to accompany. Bravo!


Carmen Caravans:

A gypsy girl seduces soldier Don José in red-hot Spanish-set opera Carmen. ‘Habanera’ is a song about unbridled love. Which is exactly what we feel about these caravan-worthy interiors…

Carmen Caravans

Carmen Caravans interior


Fire up the folk:

Gayaneh is an Armenian farm worker at the centre of a rather fiery ballet. We’ll be humming along to this folksy tale around the campfire at Worthy Farm.

Caravan cooking - fire

Outdoor camping

outdoor camping fire

outdoor camping tent



Camp Kiev:

‘The Great Gate of Kiev’ is a Russian piece by Mussorgsky, so here’s a bit of Slavonic style. Switch that teapot to a Samovar!

Camp Kiev-designs




Trojan Tent:

Listen to the Greek love story of ‘Dido and Aeneas’ and fall for these Hellenic homewares. Perfect for the picnic ‘aria’…

design jug - shelf


Well we are very impresario’d by these. Music to our ears!