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It’s been a busy week preparing for our Jubilee party, and we must admit we’ve got ourselves into a bit of a flap. How in the name of HRH can we make our bank holiday bash stand out? Come Jubilee day, we’ll be channeling party planner extraordinaire and lover of all things glitter – The Great Gatsby. Welcome to our Great (British) Gatsby Party!



Gatz my eye on these.

Royal dressing Table

wooden love art craft - carving

Pillow triangle art design

Royal love rules cloth hanger

Union jack pillow-brown


Deco decorations…

Antique perfume bottles - Vintage


Normal tea? Yawn. Gatsby tea? Lawn!

Romantic couple picnik

Garden cake party

Two cups of tea


Fitzgerald fireworks

Fitzgerald fireworks - make a wish party cake



So many fresh ideas. You might say they’re Daisy fresh…

Grown up garden walk

Outdoor flower table

That should put the sparkle in your Diamond Jubilee! Happy hols everyone…




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What with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee fast approaching, we’ve gone simply loco for rococo here at HomeSense. ‘Pimp my Palace’ is a little game we’ve invented to feel a little more like royalty this summer. All you have to do is add one monarchy-themed item to your stately chambers. Oh and as for rules? You rule – HRH stands for ‘Her Royal Home’, don’t you know!


Princess perfect like Grace Kelly

Royal Princess perfect like Grace Kelly

The frame is nice too…


Look at these Louis lovelies…

Palace royal bed room decoration style


Versailles velvet for your throne.

Mini throne chair

Tufted soft furniture


I appear to have misplaced one of my crowns on this pink distressed cushion…

Crown on cushion


Let them eat cake! Pink ruffle and blue lace cake, if we are being specific.

Pink ruffle blue lace cake

blue lace cake


Gold-plated please!

Gold plated cutlery set


We’re fans of gold glasses too…

Royal gold glass cup


Because like Princess Grace, we are true royal-tea.

Princess grace royal tea love



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The sun has got his (DJing) hat on

Let’s face it, it’s been an abysmal spring, but here at HomeSense we know EVERYTHING THING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT and we’ll SMILE, come rain or shine…


To combat the clouds, we’re saying HEY YA to this season’s brightest hues, and mixing things up with metallics – ornate picture frames or a touch of flamboyant GOLD ON THE CEILING perhaps?


With mood-lifting scents and sounds, like fresh linen on our beds and upbeat tunes in our ears, we can BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE and have a giggle – after all, a good old knees up and spot of air guitar never fails to liven things up!

And when IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY we can shout GOOD DAY SUNSHINE, kick back and enjoy the GOOD LIFE.

Come on, LET’S GET IT STARTED and dance to a brand new summery beat – SOMETHING GOOD CAN WORK if you let it…

OK, we think you may have got our (not so) subtle hints by now…!? Behold, our latest playlist – guaranteed to bring on the sunshine (we hope!) And if these cheesy tracks don’t wake up the weather gods, at least we’ll be smiling in our homes and singing in the rain… What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again!

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Hello bookworms,

With the Hay Festival coming at the end of this month, we’ve been trying to uncover our inner literary genius. Following several unsuccessful attempts to write the next big novel (“HomeSense and Sensibility,” anyone?), we discovered that we were much more successful at uncovering cool and quirky homeware instead…with a literary twist, of course!

Inspiration-ery stationery

This is very pinteresting work. Very pinspired.

Nothing like a lovely typewriter to inspire some literary creation…

On the other hand, not the best replacement for our laptops.

Ah, homeware can be so inspiring…

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Rain, rain, don’t go away, we’ll snuggle up at home today… Four things we love about rain

Ok so we know the recent weather’s been more than a little torrential… the drizzly wait for the bus, the puddles, the stir-crazy cat. But flowers and frogs love the wet drippy stuff for a reason and at Homesense we do like to look on the “bright side” of life… so with our sunny optimism ever intact, we hereby share our top four reasons to raise your brolly with a smile.

1. Excuse to make and bake

Lazy weekends at home making and baking while the rain patters away on the rooftop is our idea of cosy-living. What better time to fill your home with scrummy smells of fresh cakes and bread? Or curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and get crafting your own cushion covers and homemade cards…

2. Welly good times

From sploshing about in garden puddles, to squelching through the veggie patch, there’s a certain kid freedom that never fails to be restored when we’re in our wellies… so splash-on and love not watering those plants for a while!

3. Raindrops on lovely things

Call us soppy, but when we actually stop to look around, it’s amazing how pretty a few raindrops can make the world. Get creative and capture the moment with your camera – Instagram-it, print it out big and frame it for an instant wall refresh.

4. Rainbow brights

Without rain there would be no rainbows… a dreary thought if ever we had one! From gorgeous lanterns to colourful cutlery and patchwork, everything loves a little touch of the multi-coloured magic, so say a happy hello to kaleidoscopic home heaven.