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Now the family and friends have all gone home, the post Christmas home looks like a bomb has dropped. The debris of opened piles of presents and extra bedding are scattered around like Christmas collateral damage. So here’s some inspiration for getting tidy with wacky, wonderful and good looking storage.


Men’s vintage style drawers inspired by old suitcases. Nice quirky touch.


Shelving doesn’t have to be ugly. Look at this delightfully tasteful storage.


Ah! Perfect for all that stationery, miscellaneous bedding, paperwork and other stuff that you don’t want to look at. Ingenious!


Somebody else has an ingenious mind too!


Get tidy. Could be a bit obsessive.


Fruit boxed shoes.


Make the most of ALL your space.


Oh to have a pantry. The most satisfying room to organise.


Glue cool things on the top of jars to make storage more fun. Easy.


Festive, frugal and fun

This year don’t splash out of luxury liqueur when you can make your own for a lot lot less. Just take all the following ingredients and whizz them on high speed in your blender. Here’s saving some pennies this Christmas!

A carton of double cream

One can of  sweetened condensed milk

Half a bottle of Irish whiskey

One tsp of instant coffee

2 tbsp of chocolate syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

…mmmm can’t wait.



Buying a big tree can be expensive and take up precious space. But there’s nothing like the scent of pine to give your home the Christmas touch. Ask a tree seller if they have any scrap branches and add some foliage from the garden to them into a large vase. Voila! An understated, tasteful bunch that smells divine

For a bit of extra festivity you could tie bows on the branches and put a ribbon round the vase. You could also add branches to window sills or bind them together with wire and make a quirky wreath. With love being inventive and having a Christmas with a difference.


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Christmas is coming and we’re all getting fat

Christmas is coming and we’re all getting fat. Well it’s not surprising with all this delicious food and drink around. We’ve been glugging down hot, spiced cider and Bavarian sausage this week at the winter wonderland in Hyde Park. There’s nothing better than a Christmas fair to get you feeling all festive.

We spent the evening there, it is open every day until January. If you like ice skating, circus acts or having a ride on the giant wheel you’ll have to book, but it is just as fun to wander around the stalls, browse the markets and eat, drink and get merry.


There’s plenty of glorious gifts and handmade goodies to stuff your stockings with at Winter Wonderland.
It’s the perfect place to take the kids for a fun day out, and the nearer we get to Christmas the more exciting it gets. It just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling…or was that the mulled wine?

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Our resident stylist Abigail is now going to be contributing regularly to our blog. Abigail styles, art directs and consults for a diverse range of editorial and commercial clients as well as designing residential interior schemes and creative workspaces. This month she is showing us some festive flair.

Don’t worry about being stylish this Christmas! Decorate your tree with things you love, regardless of whether they go with each other. Christmas trees with the most character are covered with decorations that have been collected over the years rather than entirely re themed each year, which apart from looking rather soulless is also out of touch with the current ethos for a less disposable lifestyle.

Treasure decorations that have been in your family for generations as well as the slightly embarrassing ones that you made when you were 6. Then treat yourself to one or two really beautiful new ones each year so that you gradually build up a collection that represents you and your family’s tastes (no matter how awful) over time as well as your own tradition.

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